“My manner is the thing closest to me, my hands guide me in my creative process. 

In my manner lies my personality, my handwriting, my way of interfering within my process, my technique, my approach to my method.

My manner reflects my personal [design] values, my inner culture and my drive to create beauty for your world.

I believe that the presence of textiles soothe you and emphasise the awareness of inner beauty; they harmonise and sooth me during the process of designing, creating and applying. 

The use of textiles softens your home and perhaps even softens the world. 

When a product is made with dedication, this can be seen and felt.”


Dutch designer Karolien van Mensvoort mixes “handmade textiles’ with ‘manufactured by machines’. The process of creating textiles itself directs her; by working intuitively and following her free will she enters into stream of ideas, which lead her to making - unplanned - consecutive steps and thus creating layers into her work.

Her creations are not meant to be a collection structured by seasons or trends, neither does she focus on a specific age, culture or gender.

Karolien has had her formal education at the School for the Arts, Artez , in Arnhem, the Netherlands and has been a member of their teaching staff in the past.

After working for over 25 years as a fashion designer, print designer, technical draftsman and illustrator, van Mensvoort started concentrating on textiles. Here she found deep fascination and love for the 3-D quality of fibres in their various states during manufacturing and treatment. 

Karolien currently creates experimental tapestry, woollen plaids and cushions. She twists various colours of yarns together, they may be dyed and spun by herself, or can be purchased at renowned suppliers. She always allows herself to unexpectedly - or randomly - intervene during the making process, by adding color or texture. She searches for that which seems illogic within a method, however, rooted in tradition and craftsmanship.

Parallel to developing her textiles Van Mensvoort always stays loyal to making prints and artworks rooted in her fashion past.

Karolien has designed for manufacturers of interior and fashion textiles, wallpaper and gift wrapping. She has worked for respected labels such as Oilily, Artelux, Esprit, O’Neill, Stills, Turnover and the Nigerian label ‘Jewel by Lisa’. For the past seven years she created her own collection. She works intuitively. Her work breathes personality, warmth and style.


As a potential customer you may request a specific assignment. Bespoke products may be ordered by private individuals: cushions, curtains, tapestries, wallpaper and art works. Karolien also loves to collaborate with (inter-)national brands. She cooperates with local craftsmen for the production of her projects such as the Dutch Textile Museum in Tilburg.

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