The shawls are designed, printed and stitched in the Netherlands

They are produced in two different shapes and sizes:

  •  a double layered shawl, the reverse side of the print is hidden inside. The width is approx. 32cm
  •  and a single layered shawl with small fringes at the ends. The width is approx. 67cm

There is a choice of 2 different fabrics:

  • silk satin, 100% silk, a very lightweight rich material with a natural brilliance caused by the satin weave. Wear a silk satin shawl loosely around neck and shoulders
  • silk twill, 100% silk in a fine twill weave. This fabric has slightly more body than the silk satin
    Shawls in this material are stylish and sophisticated

– handwash (without fabric softener)
-machine wash on a wool washing program
and with use of a laundry bag
– avoid wringing
– dry clean (without trichlooretheen)


Minimize your footprint!  When you consciously choose and treat your shawl with love and care, the timeless design and high quality product will ensure that you will enjoy this accessory for life

Karolien’s ‘slow design’ provides a low impact sustainable choice.