The name ‘Abrash’ originates from Iran. It indicates the irregular colour stripe effect caused by various ‘hands’ of different craftsmen and also by the unpredictable processes of dyeing and drying. This effect was the inspiration for these items

For her textiles Karolien chooses to use natural materials as much as possible, like sheep wool, mohair, alpaca and silk. She makes her selection based on softness, texture and colour intensity, preferably with some ‘shine’

This series is woven on a jacquard loom at the Textile Museum / workshop in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The loom is normally used for the production of towels or tablecloths. Karolien van Mensvoort uses it to gain a chunky yarn weave which looks like it has been handmade

  • A B R A S H – plaid : ±1.50 x 1.70 m, 90% mohair and merino wool, 10% cotton
  • A B R A S H – cushion: ±0.65 x 0.35 m front: 90% mohair and merino wool, 10% cotton reverse side: 100% mohair velvet velor
  • A B R A S H – tapestry : ±1.50 x 1.70 m 90% mohair and merino wool, 10% cotton. With rail on the reverse side

Please note: the dimensions are approximate

If not in stock, delivery time is a maximum of three months. On request these products can be custom made. Please discuss the options with Karolien info@karolienvanmensvoort.nl



One of the excellent qualities of wool is its dirt repellency. After washing this quality will decrease. If absolutely necessary chemical cleaning is the safest choice. However, if you wish to wash this knitwork yourself, then soak it gently in a sink or tub filled with lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent, especially for wool. Do not wring. Do not tumble dry either, but let it dry flat on some towels. Reshape the plaid by carefully pulling the rims back to their original shape.

Be aware of the delicacy of the weave. Use it with care. When using it as a cushion or plaid there is a risk of pulling out a loop. It is quite easy to localize the stretched yarn and pull it back into the right position.


Unfortunately, there are no perfect alternatives for the wool and mohair used. All these materials are biodegradable. However they are not completely sustainable at this moment. Nevertheless, Karolien will keep herself up to date on further developments regarding sustainable production methods and materials.

Minimize your footprint.  When you consiously choose and you will treat your purchase with love and care, a timeless design and a high standard product will make sure that you will enjoy this piece for life