A few of the handmade textile pieces created by Karolien are also available as photographs printed onto plexiglass. An area around the photograph remains empty, creating the illusion that a soft knitwork decorates your interior. This realistic effect will be enhanced even more when the frame is hanging about 10 cm from the wall. The crystal-clear plexiglass used has a thickness of 5 mm

There are several options to position the frame on your wall:

  • a self adhesive steel frame attached invisibly to the back of the plexiglass
  • 2 holes in the upper corners to hang the plexiglass with nylon thread. This allows you to choose your favourite distance from the wall.
  • 4 chromed spacers in the corners to keep the frame at a 19 mm distance from the wall

Those options will be added without charge if requested by mail: mailto:info@karolienvanmensvoort.nl


The size of the metal frame corresponds with the weight of the plexiglass
2 holes in corners

4 chromed spacers

These digital tapestries will be sold in editions of 25 per size. The back of the plexiglass artwork will be signed by the artist and include an edition number. A certificate will be included or send to you separately.