All the handknits are made intuitively. The design is never planned. It is always the result of Karolien’s creative process. She chooses several matching colours and starts spinning new yarns or twisting yarns she buys from European suppliers. Unevenness in yarns and stitches are part of the fun!

Please note that dimensions are approximate measurements as each piece is unique.


One of the excellent qualities of wool is its dirt repellency. After washing this quality will decrease. If absolutely necessary chemical cleaning is the safest choice. However, if you wish to wash this knitwork yourself, then soak it gently in a sink or tub filled with lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent, especially for wool. Do not wring. Do not tumble dry either, but let it dry flat on some towels. Reshape the plaid by carefully pulling the rims back to their original shape.

Be aware of the delicacy of the knitwork. Handle it carefully. When using it as a plaid there is a risk of pulling out a loop. Try to pull it back with the help of a crochet hook.


Unfortunately, there are no perfect alternatives for the wool and silk used. All these wool and silk materials are biodegradable. However they are not completely sustainable at this moment. Nevertheless, Karolien will keep herself up to date on further developments regarding sustainable production methods and materials.                                                          

Her ‘slow design’ provides a low impact sustainable choice.